Sunday, January 22, 2012

Five minute Sunday...catch up

I missed it and loved the word of the I'm cheating by two days

Prompt: Vivid

time 2:34

When I think of vivid I always think of colors.  Like red or crazy strong orange.  Colors that jump out at you and demand to be seen.  But it's not pleasant to be in a bright orange and red room all the least I don't think so.  Memories can be vivid...and can be in my mind for a time and then go back to the place they live in my brain.  It's okay that they don't stay vivid to me all the time.  Whether they are so happy that they make me almost laugh out loud or so sad that I can feel my chest tighten...It's nice that they can rest away somewhere most of the time.  Vivid is strong because it stands out, and it doesn't stand out if it's always there-I think that's what I'm trying to say.  I like a room with nice muted colored walls so that maybe a picture or two will stand out, and be changed from time to time as we change as a person.  Thank goodness we don't stay the same forever.  I hope that the most vivid memories my children keep of me will be good ones and that they will rest over a mostly soothing back drop of normal day life that was predictable for the most part.  Heaven's knows we can all slip into drama queen mode-everything must be vivid all the time mode rather easily...


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