Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas season in pictures...

Enter a little boys world- a bit of white snow in the background, the boys piled it up trying to keep it from melting =)
 caught the shot
 ya, that's right, mama's got bragging rights on that hit ;)
 Adrian's got form-making daddy proud
 A sweet 2nd cousin...takes the crown off her doll and dons it herself =)
 grandma handing out little Christmas dresses

 Ki falls asleep chewing on jerky...does it get any better..? =)
 la la LA-life is good for a little boy on a hill with a dog
 driving remote cars on ice over the pond 
 checking out the lego set at our house
 Nesting doll obsession
 Will's thrift store wooden pig ;)
wooden bath table that Luke and the boys sweet is that?

 Christmas Eve shot 

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