Wednesday, January 4, 2012

About those resolutions...

Resolution #1: Potty training Christian has officially begun

Last year I made a resolution of sorts to swim at least once a week; I thought that was pretty manageable.  As it turns out, I think I got in about two swims a week on average-not because I was organized or doing a really good job staying motivated...I just liked it. =)  So, I thought I would post the few things that have kept me super happy during a lap swim in hopes of spreading some swimming joy to anyone who may be considering it.

#1: 100% polyester suite;
reason: the others with spandex added start to get loose and stretched out after a few months.

#2:  Aqua sphere goggles;
  reason: These dip lower right under the eye-less severe red lines.  The plastic is super soft compared to others I've trial and error-ed on.  I use Kayenne currently.

#3: H2O shuffle/Waterfi;
reason:  I wished for 18 months that I could listen to music while swimming because looking at the lap guide line on the pool floor isn't all that stimulating.  I finally caved and got one with gift money and am so happy I did.  This thing works flawlessly, and the earphones pictured don't leak, it's loud enough and I can listen to podcasts...they sell waterproof cases for players too, from what I've read they don't always work so it's a risk.

#4: Don't forget your cute swim cap
reason: saves your hair from harsh chlorine and on the practical side, keeps it out of your face if it's long.

#5: Jojoba or olive oil in the winter is a huge deal for me.  
reason: Maybe I just have sensitive skin, but slathering on oil BEFORE swimming keeps me from getting really dry and itchy on my arms and back after swimming.

#6: Water bottle
reason:  who knew that while being submersed in water head to toe you would need a drink.  Well you will and the chlorine water isn't recommended. =)

#7: flip flops
reason:  they're not necessary, but it's nice to have them when walking on those tile floors.

I've tried chlorine removal shampoos-didn't think it was that different from regular shampoo and didn't repurchase when it ran out.

I resist all urges to purchase lap swimming equipment like pull buoys or kick boards and use the stuff available at the pool.

I've never tried flippers or hand paddles- they're for building endurance in certain muscle groups but I think if I consciously swim faster in sprints it's the same thing.

That's all I can think of...



Mindy said...

Good points An! Maybe this will make me get back into swimming. I swam a lot after having Levi but now that my spandex swim suit is practically see through and stretched out, I haven't gone back. Thanks for the tips! I had NO idea they made a waterproof shuffle!! I may have to invest in one!

Elaina said...

Use to see your Dad once in a while,swimming at the Y.
I remember you coming with him one time, to watch. It is a good memory.

L, An and boys said...


L, An and boys said...