Thursday, November 3, 2011

homeschool field tips in pictures

We went up north to see Luke's family and to celebrate Liller's birthday.  While we were there we...
 Visited a place that makes cheese
 The cheese heads watching through the factory view window

 Caught some noodle making and saw a beehive model with a small working colony
 okay...this is crazy-these cousins all start with Noah at age eight and then step by year down to age one...this was right before Lilly turned two so it still counts. ;) 87654321
 Visited a small farm and the kids helped mix the baby cows buckets of milk

the cow hutches
 boys heading to hunt for eggs
And Noah found one
 This picture I love, all the kids went up in the loft to play and hunt for kittens, this is them viewing the cow lot from the loft window
 Couldn't get him off this very easily
 Rain washed farm apple

 A different farm but more baby cows...and more and more baby cows.
 Can you say farm cats...? They were eating their lunch-I didn't see any mice.

 This cow was born that morning
 And if cows wheren't enough, they had a merry-go-round in the front yard.  Whoooo-hoooo, all the fun I could stand. =)


J and A said...

Fun! Where were the farms at? Nappanee? Love Christian's coat :)

The 3 Squirrels said...

Adorable pictures! L2 looks so serious in her birthday picture... C must have been telling her something important:-) Miss ya'll already!

heysoos said...

Hey, so I'm not sure if you remember me or even really know me, but I'm going to confess that I blog stalk you, because our parents are friends and you have probably the cutest family of all time.
Anyway, point of this was to say, these homeschool field trips are soooo precious. I was homeschooled for 12 years, and my sweetest memories were just taking off with my mom/siblings/homeschool friends and getting to do random things that normal school kids wouldn't really get to see (or with as much freedom, anyway).
as challenging as educating your own kids can be, keep up the good work. it'll pay off =)
-suzy k.

Daveana said...

So fun An! I love your homeschool posts!