Tuesday, November 1, 2011

homemade facepaint

face wash, powdered sugar for thickness, and food coloring is all you need.  Mix it up until smooth and go to work.  This paint has a sparkle sheen to it from the sugar and is kind of translucent.  The girls will love it, not sure how older boys would feel about it though. ;)  I dumped the extra in their bath water and they had colored bubble bath.  Cleans off of skin super easy.  Kissing the boys goodnight, I could smell sugar, kind of like the "warm vanilla sugar" lotion that is so popular.  Yum. =)

 This year the boys handed out candy and got a few treats themselves while doing it.  I did get poor Jude a coat after taking this picture...and he did start the day off with a shirt on.


Ashton said...

I'm totally digging Adrian's design. Very nice.

J and A said...

Did you not have enough black turtlenecks and pants to go around this year ;)