Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Renaissance Faire in pictures

Okay...if you force me I'll go hang out at a fun fair all afternoon and call it a school field trip...if you force me ;)

 the main draw...a real joust.  This is not a play act, danger gone event...it's 10 points if you knock the other guy off of his horse, 5 for a broken lance and 1 for a hit on the shoulder piece...and guys fell off their horses for the morning joust (we saw the afternoon).
 This picture is so huge because I wanted to make sure you could see that this guy is trying to slice an apple in half with his sword... while we watched, they missed the apple twice and hit her helmet-really hard.  These people are crazy I think...
 the lance pieces flying...and the hospital in the background...how apropos...
 all the hooves off the ground...they were truly running the horses- so pretty
 after the match...they're still friends...I think =)
 guy holding his hair back ready to eat fire in heavy wind...that made it interesting
those who dared face paint 
good-bye faire

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