Thursday, October 27, 2011

On the way home...

Last night I taught "Bible Buddies" for a group of little ones at our Wed night church service...I mention this so you know why I showed up at church with 5 tired kids without Luke.  By the end of the evening, I had spent most of my energy reserves trying to teach a lesson on lying with vibrant participation, ie interruptions, playing Simon Says and corralling Willem, who was crawling all over the floor eating bits of paper.

When services were over I bee-lined it to the car and told Adrian to get Christian buckled.  In my haste to get going, I didn't oversee if it had been done correctly and set my sites for home.  Then the commotion from the back started to heat up..."Christian, sit down.  I can't buckle you unless you sit.  Christian, right now, sit down....please.  Mom, I can't buckle him, he's too big (with his coat on) and won't sit down."


I told him to try again.  He said he needed the light on...I said to just try again because I didn't want the police to see him not in his seat...

Adrian sounded more desperate with the impending doom of police upon us...since Adrian has successfully buckled Christian many times...I felt no need to intervene yet.

Adrian: "Christian...come you want to be in chains Christian."

Christian: "No"

Me: "If anyone would be arrested it would be me, just buckle it Adrian."

-quiet pause-

Adrian: "I just can't do it...Christian please, now mom will go to jail Christian."

Jude: "she won't be gone that long..."

Adrian: "yes she will, like 8 years (voice starts to sound teary)."

Noah (without much emotion): "Who would take a kid's mom's just ridiculous."
I thought it was nice he wanted me around...but then he added "we wouldn't be able to drive anywhere."  Nice, thanks Noah for your selfish concern for me, your driver.

We did make it home safe...the boys calling out every speed limit sign and checking my gauge so we wouldn't get pulled over and them deciding which baby sitter they would stay with while daddy was at work if mom was "in chains".

great Wednesday evening fun. =)


Aubrey said...

Thanks for the laugh Ann. It's all too familiar - I don't know how many times I've had to threaten Gibson with the police stopping me if he didn't buckle in. Sadly, they don't seem too bummed about me going to jail. ;)

Amber said...

This is so my life too.

The other day on the way to the doctor's, Olivia unbuckled her top buckle. Ava was in total tears, bawling that the police were going to come get her.

We had a very similar conversation . . . : )

love it.

Mindy said...

too funny! We too, have had similar conversations. :) thanks for the laugh!

smw said...

OH MY WORD. bless you for this good laugh this morning. :)

Sarah said...

Seriously LOL! Oh. my. that is so great!!

Linda said...

I loved reading this! :) The kids' comments are just great! (I'm still smiling) At least your generation makes a conscious effort to "buckle up" the kids! I remember being stopped with all the kids in the back of the station wagon and hurriedly telling everyone to "buckle up". Amid the scrambling and tears (fear of being arrested) we heard "I don't even have a seat belt"! And the poor child was probably right- too many kids on one seat! Well, we didn't get a ticket- when the policemen saw all the tears he ended up half apologizing to us for causing all the commotion! :)

J and A said...

Sounds like something that will happen with us when the boys are older. We are already off to a great start when the wife is scolded by the toddler, because she forgets to fully buckle him in and the husband forgets to buckle him at all every once in a while!

Betsy said...

I love how you recount your boys' fun to read, An.

emilykate said...

I definitely agree, you have a gift for telling tales of your boys that make me interested and make me laugh. This is rare.

teresa said...

thanks for sharing. i laughed outloud at the "like 8 years" and "ridiculous" and of course, no way to go driving. so cute!!!!

also enjoyed the other mom's comments.