Friday, October 14, 2011

And Friday 5

word prompt: Catch

8:38 pm

Catch...I don't know.  It's what I hope to do when a cup of milk starts tipping...when a good picture is in front of me...what I don't want when the sniffles are going around.  It seems a two sided word.  I want to catch the energy of compassion other people ignite in me...but I don't want to catch the spirit of materialism which seems really a permeable sort of influence.  I don't think it comes down to the bottom line of personal spending...I think it's a spirit of discontent unless you have more...which is perpetual discontent by definition.  I'm not sure how I arrived here but we'll go with it for the last two minutes. =)  If tomorrow you lost everything tangible that surrounds you...who would be your friend in your current circle?  If suddenly you were color blind and lost all sense of self confidence...who would stand by you anyway?  If you became paralyzed...who would still laugh with you and not even notice the difference?  Those few people you thought of are worth more than all the wealth to be spoken of...and in the end will build you up, while possessions will slowly steal your years away.


8:44 pm


Julie Ruegsegger said...

Oh my goodness--five boys! Your quiver is wonderfully full. And yes, we must fight the American infection of materialism . . . of thinking that if I just had a "little" more, I'd be happy. Enjoyed your blog very much!

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Craig said...