Friday, October 14, 2011

Adjusting viewfinder focus

So, I know this is really random, but I accidentally hit the +/- adjuster dial on my Canon and it messed up the viewfinder focus quite a bit.  My first thought was that my eyesight was getting worse, second thought was that my camera was broken forever.  But since the solution is so very simple and I'm sure similar for most cameras, I thought it worth posting.
The solution you may have tried would be cleaning the glass on the viewfinder (the little window you look through).  If you clean it well with a cotton swab or cloth and the picture is still blurry through the window when you use autofocus...and here's the main symptom...BUT is a clear picture on the playback, you know that your viewfinder focus has been thrown off somehow.  This lovely picture shows you where to adjust a Canon back to normal (well, it's supposed to anyway, my index finger is trying to point you in the right direction-I tried to get a clear image from photo booth, really I did).  For other models you'll have to check out the manual.  I looked through the viewfinder, half pushed the shutter with autofocus on, then turned the +/- dial until it looked clear.  FIXED!  Afterward, I noticed there is a little silver mark were the dial should align with a matching mark on camera...I've never noticed that before...nor have I read the entire camera manual-gasp.  I know...and people pay me to take pictures sometimes. ;)

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