Friday, October 28, 2011

5 Friday

prompt: relevant


The interesting thing about what's relevant is that, it's so individual.  The way we were raised, our likes, our hopes all narrow down what we find important or useful information.  If I read the latest news about the current election coming up, what I think is relevant will be so different from another individual.  Ahhhh...but you say to yourself that we might agree on some things.  That is probably true to an extent.  What is it that makes us agree on what is relevant though?  Is it possible to find what truly is?  Some would say in our modern culture that it is not...but I venture to say that there is truth.  there is real truth woven into the fabric of our universe and all things that surround that truth are relevant.  That should be challenging to us all.  If we can center our minds and hearts on the truth, carried along on the breath of the Spirit, we will not only think on things relevant...but we will BE relevant to others.  And that will make a difference.


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