Saturday, September 24, 2011

The other day there was an eruption of laughter and celebration from the boys room.  I was curious and headed that way-when I opened the door they were all dancing around in their PJs and Adrian seemed to be the center of attention.  "What?" I asked.  Adrian stopped dancing long enough to point at his pajama/underclothes drawer, it was completely empty.  "I've been trying forever to beat you mom...I used it ALL before you could fill it...I beat you mom!" Adrian proclaimed slightly out of breath from his jubilant activity level.  

I knew it

I knew there had be some kind of mutiny underfoot


Alesa said...

love it!

Amber said...

that is hilarious . . .but only because I'm not doing his laundry. : )

love it

J and A said...

too funny! Joel tends to "beat me" or at least come close to it a lot... he just signals that I'm about to lose by leaving the wardrobe doors open :)