Thursday, September 22, 2011

life in pictures...

 We're gutting the basement-I probably don't have to tell you how much my boys are loving it that L got each of them a crow bar... they've named them actually  
 The plan is to resurface with nothing mold can thrive on.  The basement has been pretty dry all and all...but it's a basement...and while I'm not allergic to appears that I'm allergic to the thought of it being places I can't see. =)  
My little niece turned one and they had a darling little party for her
 one more headband for her stash
 we made an airplane out of cans for school.  I'll just go on record to say this was way harder and way easier than I thought, if that's possible.  I had printed off a pattern I found online...nearly impossible to do- then I got out a stapler and just tried to make a object the resembled a plane and had much more success.  L showed up half way through and baled me out on the tale rudder. =)

 Recent goodwill treasure, I got this and a globe for the boys room decor


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Daveana said...

Loved the Photos! Can't wait to see how your basement turns out. YA for fun projects! I just love seeing what fun you and your kids are creating!