Thursday, September 29, 2011

I'm supposed to be doing other things...

  1. But somehow, I'll justify that I need a break more than pictures need done, the pizza needs checked the laundry changed over...well you've got the same stuff-you know...

    source: my sister Jenny's blog

    1)Residence: Hoosier state
  2. 2)Favorite fashion designers: Well...Target isn't really a designer is it...I have always liked GUESS and still do as they've changed styles from my middle school years-guess I'm loyal...hehe
  3. 3)Item of clothing you would never throw out: I have a white dress that I sewed shortly after I got married that I still love.  It's not real silk, but is a raw silk looking material and has a japanese flare to it.  It makes me feel special knowing I tailored it.
  4. 4)How would you define your personal style: changes with my mood but is usually organic trying to pull off classy. 
  5. 5)What is your own fashion trademark: I don't know that I have one...I never wear clothes really loose around my waist though...that's more of  preference though I would think-but really, even 9 months pregnant, I still steer clear of bellowy.
  6. 6)Favorite accessory: good shoes that don't kill my feet
  7. 7)Favorite color: white
  8. 8)Favorite scent: Romance by Ralph Lauren...have worn it for years...I think it's fun that it smells really different on the individual who wears it.
  9. 9)What is your facewash: I love Burt's Bees products, use Alba, but lately have been mixing up my own astringents and using different exfoliating methods for fun.  Really, my face looks best if I don't get too close to the mirror to check out every imperfection though.
  10. 10) Makeup-not loyal to a brand, I do like the color pallets of Aveda though, very soothing.
  11. 11)Where do you get your hair done: Hannah...a girl with a tattoo but conservative views on life...seriously.  The only stylist that can make my hair behave for 4- 6 months in-between appointments.  
  12. 12) Favorite Architect: My brother-in-law Caleb...I'm not just saying it either-love his work-very modern, clean with nature flowing through each design.
  13. 13) Favorite destination: Anywhere with family around-I love to travel but like to laugh more and I need family for that.  They know all those crazy stories from childhood. :)
  14. 14) Favorite discovery: Chocolate European style yogurt from Trader Joe's...if I run out...I'm in huge big trouble.  I hope that wasn't a serious question...I'm really glad I found Luke too ;)
  15. 15)Favorite Hotel: I don't travel enough to be loyal to one, I prefer bed and breakfasts actually. 
  16. 16) Favorite Luggage: The set my aunt gave me...I think it's Ralph Lauren...but more importantly it matches!
  17. 17) Most memorable Party: The Sat night before my wedding all the bridesmaids and some friends stayed at a family friend's was a surreal time.  Face masks and nail polish were found in abundance.
  18. 18) When you can’t think of something to give a friend, what do you give?  Usually a candle, so very practical yet still coddling
  19. 19) Every lady has a vice: I could probably eat a half gallon of ice cream if it was chocolate or coffee...homemade sends me places.
  20. 20) Necessary extravagance: good organic decaf coffee beans and a good coffee press.  A lap swim when I'm tense is a close second.
  21. 21) Favorite movies: okay, this might put me in a quirky category, but I liked the first Matrix.  I've never seen the sequels, but the first had a lot of analogies to spiritual concepts- being stuck in a present state of oppression but real life really being somewhere else...choosing the truth even if it's uncomfortable and not as pleasant as the lie-I also like it's a wonderful life for the nostalgia.  Phantom of the Opera for certain times can't be beat.
  22. 22) Favorite Cocktail: Anything tropical will be enjoyed-I don't like it too syrupy though
  23. 23) Handwritten Thank you note or immediate e-mail?  handwritten is nice but not expected-that's why it's nice...
  24. 24) If you have personalized stationary, where did you get it from? I've purchased cards with an "A" on them before...but not the real full initial deal-  Hey...I think I just made my Christmas shopping easier! =)
  25. 25) The True hallmark of modern elegance is: defer to others and believe your worth the same care.

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