Friday, September 2, 2011

5 min friday

Write for five minutes with no editing or pre-thought to what you will write.  Link to site where others are writing too.

Word prompt: rest

10:39 am

I think of a nap when I think of rest.  It could be because I have an infant...but I think most people would think of sleep first.  But doesn't that paint the wrong picture of heaven if it's labeled as eternal rest?  Sleeping...forever.  No.  It's supposed to be alive forever.  There is a big difference.  So maybe it's worth sorting out what we think of heaven so our goal at the end of our earthly race isn't an eternal nap.  I'm not fighting for that.  I'm fighting for clarity.  For purpose.  For peace and love and all the desires that make me crazy the minute I open my eyes in the morning.  Why do I want to be lovely, why do I want to be desired?  why do I need to achieve, to create to inspire.  Why can't I do it better?  When will I be able to finely?  When will I stop messing it all up?  Then my heart will finally rest.  When my purpose is fulfilled-forever being able to actually do what I set out to.  To be able to stretch out my hand and achieve what was in my mind before.  To feel loved.  That is rest for my soul.  My heart soul and mind will finally find it's place of peace, not fighting against forces I can't even see.  Not working to overcome an enemy I can't always identify.  A nap?  No.  A journey that is always just beginning and sure to work out and inspire to my very core with new and fresh and real.  That's the rest I'm looking for.  I may lay my head down for a nap while I'm there...but I won't worry about what comes next when I wake.

10:45 am


Sarah R. said...

longing for eternal rest and completion! i can't even imagine. thanks for voicing these thoughts.

Jennifer Camp said...

"A journey that is always just beginning and sure to work out and inspire to my very core with new and fresh and real. That's the rest I'm looking for. " I loved your post so much. I love how you pull the reader in with your own journey of seeking rest, and then invite us in to the truth He reveals. Thank you!

brittany said...

"to feel loved. that is rest for my soul." AMEN! Love this perspective!

Nics Cahill said...

A wonderful post. Today I booked a journey, and I am excited and nervous, but choosing to rest in him who was my inspiration. Happy Friday

Ashley said...

I LOVE this! I've been realizing lately that I need the same kind of shift in my view of rest. So much more than a nap! :)