Friday, September 23, 2011

5 Friday

It's Friday again.  Write for five minutes with no editing and no ahead of time pondering and let your brain enjoy the fun. =)

prompt: Growing

12:50 p

Growing to me is a lot of things.  It's my kids loosing a tooth or scooting forward on the floor toward a toy they've wanted for a month but couldn't move or crawl yet to get.  It's spring when things come alive again because the climate is right.  It's me, becoming something better under the skillful hands of my creator.  It always sounds trite to say that pain seems to come before growth, but trite or not, it's been true in my own life.  Nothing else seems to get my attention.  And now, I don't know what to write...because throwing open a door to your whole life down to the gritty isn't always the best idea.  It's not a matter of being brave enough to share, it's not about being real, it's just that some things are so close and real to my heart that they've become special in a way-  It's really hard to describe.  Things have happened in my life that have stretched me and grown me so much, I'm leery to chat about them... because they are sacred ground for me...they are my moments of really believing, knowing that God is real beyond all practicality.  It's like I don't want to describe it wrong and make it less than it was.

ooops...ran over...again

12:56 p

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