Wednesday, August 31, 2011

2011-12 school year...

Has launched.  Though with our homeschool boys, until the whether is horrid, they'll be hard to get indoors doing workbooks.  We wade in slow; Noah is tearing apart this mower that doesn't work.  The other boys provide moral support and Christian throws loose bolts down the drive shaft.  It won't be running again anytime soon... nor will L be parking his truck in the garage.

Noah finally got a real deal backpack
 So I checked out so many books last trip to the library...they had to dig through the return drop box for books I brought back.  Did you know there is a 50 book limit...?  We're still using the Sonlight curriculum mixed in with a few Our Fathers World list books.  Hence pushing the checkout limit.
 Density kitchen experiments (yogurt on Christian's nose is totally essential if you were wondering)
 I started getting really into this too...That grape has some major density =)
 acid water charge battery...I didn't feel the charge.  The boys claim the wire was warm-though it could have been wishful thinking after all that wire twisting.  


Liv & Brett said...

so FUN!

Daveana said...

The acid water charge looks interesting. I love experiments. To bad I wasn't homeschooled by you! (or homeschooled at all)

Alesa said... make ME want to come over for school :)

Bry&Ash said...

Cool. That gets me exciting about homeschooling someday. Though the acid test looks a little dangerous.:)

Amber said...

God bless your school year . . . complete with fun and stressful moments all rolled up in one!

TinaAtHome said...

Incredible! I loved reading that. You are obviously the perfect mom for these boys.