Saturday, July 23, 2011

upgrading to swiss family robinson

We are working on making this tree house in our backyard! :)  So far we have two outposts, a boat and one rope bridge.  We are still planing the next outpost; a large dead tree is being eyed currently as the spot for that one.  We need to add a roof top to the highest outpost as well...all in good time...all in good time.  I'll keep adding photos to the post as it progresses. :)  


updated August 2013:

Added a zip line down the hill to the tree house that drops off at the little ramp at the base of the ladder. :D  The hammock is also a hit as you can see by the child about to fall out.  We have had more neighbor kids stopping in to try it out than expected-Noah says we should charge a fee. ;) 

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Daveana said...

You are sure to be the envy of the neighborhood! I always thought it would be super cool to live Swiss Family Robinson style. Awesome tree house! :D