Saturday, March 12, 2011

Still Prego...

Christian found my baby play least someone is using it, because the baby is pretty comfortable apparently.  I'm due tomorrow; my walking efforts have not been effective at having this kiddo early. =)
I love this...Noah writes: I felt happy when: "I got a date"  It was a little less funny when I figured out it was a date with me...but so much more sweet.
Noah was in a really bad mood and I made him write ten things he was thankful for.  I love #7 and the fact that #2 said "ME" and then is crossed out and replaced with "GOD" ;) 


Mindy said...

Does that last one say "I never get embarrassed"?!?!?! That is HILARIOUS!!!!!!!! I love reading what he writes - such a funny kid!

Hang in there Ann - you're so close!! Can't wait to hear the news!

L, An and boys said...

Yep that's what the last one says. It's great being a boy right? =) What's to get embarrassed about? My favorite part of homeschool is making him write stuff...always good for mommy amusement. =)