Tuesday, March 1, 2011

More of the twins...

Ellie is usually very chilled out...but this picture taking thing was pushing it =)
 Ellie Lee thinks mom rocks
 she'll hear "you've got your hands full" =)
 Greyson checks out the nursery...
 Ellie gets the cute hair accessories of course =)
A big thanks to my aunt Beth who offered to watch the boys for the afternoon so I could get a baby fix in with the twins.  I came home to a clean basement and homemade granola...delightful rarity. =)


J Gutwein said...

Oh My Goodness.. That is awesome!! Way to go A. Beth. Beautiful Twins, Beautiful pics!! Love, Jenny

Amber said...

LOVE the one of Alesa holding them together. So pretty.

Those are my favorite pictures from our girls, I feel like there's the only things that help me really remember how little they really were.

so sweet.

Sara Huber said...

Wow, they are SO sweet!! Great pics, too.

Daveana said...

Great job An! The pics are adorable, as well as the twins! :)

arlan and katie said...

Ann-Thanks SO MUCH for posting pictures of the darlings! I've been aching, pining, aching, pining to see pictures of the beautiful, busy family!

Awh, what a treat-great pictures :)


PS-I'm a lot like you-newborns are MY thing :) You're turn is coming!

Dad said...

Thanks for taking time Beth. You're the best.

Alesa & Clint....those two steal your heart immediately.

Nice work Ann....the Prov 31 lady.