Thursday, February 17, 2011

Noah's Photography debut

Our neighbor brought over dinner yesterday (so sweet) and commented that I should be sure to get pictures before the baby is born.  I'm really bad about documenting this event in my life-I always wait too long and then don't want to at all...but, after said neighbor left, I asked Noah if he wanted to take some pictures of mommy and he was all pumped about manning the camera.  about 98% of them were not focused at all.  Most of them are off center-but hey, it's definitely a new look, plus I only had a few to chose from, making it very simple. =) about three weeks to go officially-I hope three days though ;)


Bry&Ash said...

So cute! Though you should be turned to the side so we can see more of that little baby!:)

Tell Noah he did a fantastic job. Maybe a partner in training?

L, An and boys said...

all the ones I turned a bit are blurry...well except for one I'm picking a fuzzie off my tank top. ;)


bethany said...

what a beautiful photo...even if it is a bit out of focus!