Friday, February 11, 2011

Fine...just fine =)

Pretty much, this picture of baked beans sums up the last few days.  Why- you might ask.  Well, I thought that they were refried beans for vision and cognitive function aren't at their peak right now at 36 weeks pregnant.  I really wondered what I was going to do with them since our family isn't that crazy about them.  I shouldn't have been concerned; I had a ravenous craving for protein yesterday and ate A WHOLE CAN of baked beans.  I usually feel sick and over-full after eating anything bigger than a half a sandwich...why did I do that???  There is no logic. 
 No logic to Jude wearing this hat at dinner either...but I was fine with it.  Choosing my battles wisely these days. ;)  One more little news bulletin before signing off:  I got all the boys swimming stuff together and planned a grand morning swim at the Y for the first time in months...right before suiting up, there was an "accident" in the kid pool of a sanitation nature...we trudged back home while they flushed the pool and pumped a bunch of chlorine into it.  So sad. =(   

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smw said...

that pool incident is very sad. :(

and i didn't realize we are only 2 weeks apart!