Monday, November 8, 2010

Better than the Wiggles...

Our neighbor called with free tickets to see Veggie Tales live this afternoon and we couldn't pass THAT up now could we?  The show was in a church auditorium that rivaled the Mariott theater.  They've got a book store that rivals Barns & Noble too...I don't know, it all seemed pretty huge.  I'm not sure how they keep track of people; I had a hard enough time keeping an eye on two boys. =)

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Daveana said...

How Super Cool! I bet the kids thought that was pretty cool! Well not saying that you couldn't as well ;) I'm a fan of the Bob and Larry!

You should try 'What's In the Bible' it's put out by the creator of VeggieTales, they're really informative. It's a series he started going through the bible from Genisis on. I really enjoyed them.