Thursday, July 1, 2010

creating drama...

William Blake: "Great things are done when men and mountains meet."

I think we've got a few mountains that are just mole hills though...

Today I looked out my window and thought a snoopy burglar was at our neighbor's house. They just left for a week. This guy in grey sweats was all hunched over and sneaking by the windows to the front like cat coming up on it's prey. I would have been creeped out, but then I got a good look at his profile and realized it was our other neighbor from across the creek. He was in the zone, he was Jason Borne. I watched for a bit, and then went on with my day. Then there was a knock at the door. It was said neighbor and his wife...who did most of the talking with arched eyebrows. It turns out that one of their boys saw a little vandal putting a nail under their they were out to catch the little snipe before he got too far. Our kids were too little to fit the criminal's description but...they of course just wanted to let me know what was going on. They had their two boys out with them and were hoping to get a confirmed visual on our suspected neighbor boy unseen. So sneaky. The lady held out a nail with satisfaction for me to observe, all I noticed was that the family had united like I've never seen them before. I think they may have talked and spent more time together hunting down the little prankster than they did last Christmas. Their boys seemed to be eating it up and kept changing the description of the culprit to keep things going. They didn't want the hunt to end.

Now, my question is: if the boys connect the dots and see that they get their parents attention when they present a mole hill is possible that they will continue to present them into adulthood for negative attention from their tribe? Is it possible for an entire culture to get sucked into a mind-frame of being a victim of everything and without our problems and syndromes...we are in some way insignificant. Are we addicted to pain and problems-or are we just plain starved for unconditional love? Can we live without our negative thoughts about so and so...or are they too precious to let go of? Can't we just find some real mountains so we don't keep reshaping the mole hills to look like they have peaks? What if our kiddo's outlook on life depended on it? I'm starting to wonder...obviously since I've turned this little event into a mountain myself. ;)

We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ. II Cor 10:5 NIV 

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