Sunday, January 31, 2010

Cookin' it up with the in-laws and RSV...

The forge heartier bonds with in-laws, the thing to be done may be cramming everyone in a small kitchen and making a meal late into the night.  It's organized chaos and that's just how I like it. =)  We had hot soup overflowing our blender, mushrooms flying and flower anywhere but on the fish it was supposed to be sticking to. =)  Good times. 

In other news, Luke darling turned the big 29 yesterday.  
Christian and I had a visit to the hospital this morning when he woke up breathing very poorly after being sick all week.  It's the dreaded RSV flirting with pneumonia.  I guess there have been a lot of cases  in our area lately. =(        

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Bryce and Erin said...

Thanks for your comment. I have to tell you how cool I think it is that a doctor's kid sees a chiropractor!! Our litle Brant was almost cured overnight from a chronic respiratory problem after seeing a chiropractor. It really was amazing. Our chiro too has said that gluten free would be good for nearly everyone. Americans just eat way too much of the stuff and our bodies can't process it very well. I hope it goes well for Christian. It really is becoming so much easier to be gf - it's not cheap - but there are tons of really tasty replacements. And what the majority of our diet SHOULD be - fruits, veggies, nuts, beans, fish, etc...those are all naturally gluten free.