Friday, December 11, 2009

Merry Christmas...

The way I see it (maybe one of the most annoying phrases ever =), who needs a wish list to Santa if you can just ask a kiddo what they would do with a million $s?  I actually didn't realize this school assignment would be my guide for gifts this year, but it was pretty efficient.  "I would buy legos...a wood"  I've just got to wrap up some pizza quick on Christmas morning, that should smell pretty good...with the pine scent subtle in the background...=)  Noah hasn't cut off all communication to Santa though, he's covering his bases.  He's not sure what this whole St Nick thing is all about, but if he's got presents, Noah wants to be on the list.  He asked me to mail the pictured note the other day.  "From Noah To Santa I have bin good this year."  Makes you want to dress up in a red suite and visit our house ringing some sleigh bells doesn't it...any volunteers...Clint? =)


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Anonymous said...

"And, if you had a million dollars...." The best answer is -- buy Uncle Denny and Aunt Mary Ann's house!