Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Fire Safety...

Setting: Pre-school co-op learning about fire safety

Instructor: Sweet lady wearing a fire personnel badge, expecting her first grand baby soon, easily captivating her little pre-school audience with words like "smoke" "alarm" "fire" and "truck"

While giving pointers on the fine art of "stop, drop, cover, and roll" she asked for a volunteer. Adrian's little hand popped up and he was escorted to the front for a demo. The instructor made a flourish with her hands like she was placing a crown on her head and said in a mysterious tone "lets all put our imagination caps on..." Soon there was a campfire roaring, marshmallows roasting and then little Adrian's shirt caught on fire. Now was Adrian's glorious moment, the instructor Stated "stop, drop, cover and roll" as she gently started placing Adrian on the floor in front of her...the only problem was Adrian arched his back like a defiant little kitten and started dancing his feet around. I'm thinking "what in the world, how embarrassing" then I hear Adrian's little voice squeak "you're putting me in the FIRE" HA! Before we could go on we had to move the imaginary fire to the other side of the room. =) The instructor was quite humored. =)

As you can imagine, the experience had a lasting impact on Adrian and he will proudly state the four steps for you when prompted. There are actually five, the fifth being not rolling in the imaginary fire.



atcunning said...

sounds like Adrian had put on his imagination cap and was listening very closely. =) pretty cute that he made sure he didn't stay in the "fire"! i'm guessing that at future presentations she won't put anyone in the "fire".

amberbahler said...

This made me giggle! Love it! Adrian really looks like Luke in that video too. Guess some kids must've gotten eye burns because when I was a kid, it was just "Stop, drop, and roll." Missed you guys at the Bahler Thanksgiving.

Luke Ann and boys said...

Amber, bummed we missed you too...we showed up pretty late. =)