Sunday, November 1, 2009

The three...

NINJAS  - Whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

This is the first year the boys have wanted to go door to door for candy in costume.  Last year they were very content to pass out candy and see all the other kiddos frequent our door.  I kind of suspected that Noah would want to go this year and boy was I ready when they started yelling that they wanted to go (with Luke gone and Christian just about ready for bed of course).  I had grabbed some black thermal underwear for the boys and wouldn't you know it, they made the craziest little Nijas you ever saw. =)  I lost Jude at one point...and he was standing right by me-that's stealth friends (ins't stealth the word that comes to you when you think of Jude...teee hee). =)

Halloween just isn't my favorite holiday...but seeing Jude streaking along behind the other boys in his little thermal suite...totally priceless.



J Gutwein said...

Great idea! Thanks for your phone support over the last couple of days ;). Love, J

aklopfen said...

How cute are they?! I convinced mine to stay home this year so they could see all their friends....and hand out all the candy we got at church...well, that didn't go over (the candy part). Have a great week!