Saturday, November 7, 2009

random pictures...

image #1: It's fall people...yea! =)

Image #2: Christian enjoying his newly purchased Sophie Giraffe-love that 60s look.  Maybe he'll quit biting my shoulder with this natural rubber find in hand.

Image #3: Our very expensive math program for Noah...yes that's an envelope...I don't know why he signed his name MR ZBONE-perhaps a well chosen pen name. =)



Laura said...

ummm, is Noah really doing that math???? good job! :)

Luke Ann and boys said...

Luke the math teacher makes him do that...I always roll my eyes and tell him to let the kid do his 1st grade math but it's cute to see Luke get involved so I stay out of the way.


Ashton said...

I love the whole Mr. ZBONE thing. Or is it Mr. ZB-ONE?:) So hilarious!