Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Off the list...homemade yogurt

The bucket list that is.  I've always wanted to try this just for fun.  The idea is to put milk in clean containers and heat it to 185 degrees (a pot of hot water makes it nearly impossible to mess up-when a film forms on top, it's hot enough) to serialize everything.  Cool the milk to around 120 which will feel hot on your hand but not "ouch" hot.  Add 2 Tablespoons of plain yogurt per quart and sir gently.  Keep warm (90-120 degrees) somewhere for at least 4 hours or overnight.  For more details check this blog.

After trying the creation with honey, I was pleased with the overall flavor...but as cultures before me (hope you got that mom), I decided to put my own spin on the texture.  I ran it through a strainer...which made it more like a drinkable yogurt consistency.  Since we were just at Trader's Point creamery, and that's how they serve it up with pride, I added honey, put it in a pretty container and called it a success.  The Greek yogurt people would have strained it a million more times and poured off most of the extra liquid.  We Americans add gelatin to get it thicker.  I would like to try a finer strainer to see if I could get it even smoother, but I think I would need a higher fat milk for a truly creamer flavor.  I also want to add some fruit next time. =)



Joel & Amber said...

I'm impressed, An. I've always wanted to try making yogurt, especially since Joel is lac-int, but I haven't got up the guts. You made it sound so easy though! Did it end up turning out kind of like kefir?

Ashton said...

I can't believe you actually did that! You're pretty crazy.:)

Save some for us to taste...

Luke Ann and boys said...

Kefir...I had to look that up. That's not what this is, but it looks like that would be something interesting to try too. I just used plain yogurt from the grocery store. Have you ever tried the cocoyogurt that is made of coconut milk...but not coconut flavored. They sell it at whole foods and I've heard it's really good.

I'll try, but the boys are downing it pretty fast over here-with extra honey of course. =)


Luke Ann and boys said...

I meant to put Ashton, before the "I'll try..." bit. =)

Sounded like I was going to try the coconut yogurt instead of save some for you Ash. =)

amberbahler said...

I've been wanting to do this for a while too..someday, maybe, when I have more free time- ha!
In similar news, I recently read that if you strain it several times and do something else (which I now forget) you can make cream cheese from the yogurt.