Friday, October 2, 2009

Cornflake cookies...

As with with most good things, this recipe has humble beginnings.  Don't let the fact that it has cornflakes in it fool you...the cereal ends up tasting a bit like toffee pieces and the cookie dough is just crunchy enough to be very dangerous.  I first had a cookie like this a while back and overheard a lady ask the cook for the recipe...she said she could NOT divulge the secret!  I'm totally serious and so was the cook; she wouldn't budge.  I kind of thought it was a bit rude at the time, but now that I have the recipe from a google search I know that it was probably a generous favor to keep it a secret since the cookie dough needs locked up to stay away from it.  Putting a kitchen towel over the bowl in-between batches didn't really work for me. =)  If you don't have the recipe already, you'll really wish I hadn't posted the secret code for chewy just salty enough cookies...honest you'll be quite annoyed when the dough is sitting like a siren on your counter.  Then again, you won't find yourself in the awkward position of asking for the recipe and being turned down either. ;)


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J Gutwein said...

They were pretty good!! :). Love, J