Monday, September 7, 2009

Stupid pokeweed...

Jude is trying to kill himself today. I'm so not kidding. I've been watching him, honest. But just today he has smashed his finger in the storm door (ouch- but not major), smashed his nose on Noah's knee causing big time nose bleed, somehow scraped his foot out front...more bleeding, and then the finisher. The poison control call for this week...well OK, I don't call every week, but it feels like it. Jude ate some pokeberries from our neighbor's yard. I'll interject here that mommy superpowers emerged when Jude walked in the door. First detective mommy...ok so it didn't take a genius to realize his hands and mouth were covered in berry juice...but I deduced that it was not blueberry smudges because it looked a tad too bright pink. Quick thinking mommy with cheery voice: "Jude, did you find some berries to eat" Jude: "ya" me: "were they good (big fake smile)?" Jude: "ya" me: "where did you get them?" Jude: "ya" me: "can you show me, Jude?" Jude: "ya". He readily showed me his find of "blueberries". He ate like 20 of them if the count is correct on the stalk missing berries. Remembering mommy: vague recollection of my mom telling me not to eat these particular berries as a child. Resourceful mommy: call Luke and let him know that in 5 minutes when he pulls into the driveway, he may have to load Jude and take him right back to where he came from- Wishard. Scared mommy: calls poison control without needing to look at the green sticker on the fridge and talk to nice lady who may recognize our number and zip code. =) In review, there are about five berries that people should not eat: Holly different ivy berries yew Mistletoe pokeweed Small amounts can cause headache, vomiting and diarrhea. Dehydration in small children would be the main cause of hospitalization. Large amounts can cause toxicity. When Luke got home, he pulled out his toxicology book and set my mind at ease with the stat that only one in million exposers are fatal. So far, Jude has been fine-we've got another 4 hours watch on him wherein the throwing up could start though.'s like we live out in the sticks or something...pokeweed? An


amberbahler said...

I love reading your blog and sometimes the best part is the big "Warning: Prepare to Observe Future Adventures with Emerson" siren that goes off in my head when I read! If it makes you feel better, we have Japanese Knotweed taking over our backyard- no poisonous berries- just grows through everything and is nearly impossible to get rid of. This stuff grows through concrete! Yuck!

Anonymous said...

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