Wednesday, August 5, 2009

chuckle chuckle...

the scene: Me painting brick outside with a down-home looking contractor group doing siding on our neighbor's house within earshot. A middle aged guy comes swaggering arrogantly around the corner with all his tools clanging around on his belt saying the following in a kind of whine kind of retort sort of way: "Stop tellin' me what angles to do you guys, I can figure it out my own way. It ain't rocket scientist" (with a "T"...I'm assuming everyone in the general population would know the normal ending to this saying) If you don't, my apologies, just skip this post and read up on common American saying just for fun. Some of them are kind of odd. I think the main lesson here is to make sure you've got a phrase or point right when establishing your ability to do things your own independent way. And while we're all trying to do things with finesse, I wouldn't have chuckled under my breath if he hadn't been strutting like a peacock...a little humility would have done wonders for his idiom plight. =) An


Kaitlin said...

That's great!
I would have been a man in control and on top of his game. :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday An!
Kara L.