Sunday, March 15, 2009

Bryan takes all...

So, Bryan guessed 20 inches on little Christian's length, Shar guessed 19 1/2. Get this...he was 19 3/4 inches at birth, meaning the two guesses didn't decide the gift card give away. I couldn't think of a good tie breaker, so I flipped a coin-I guess since Bryan had to spend the night and get ready for work here a few times before we had the baby (just in case), he kind of deserves a free coffee drink on us. You'll beat 'em next time time (I'm not trying to be over familiar with your name by the way, I just don't want to post a full name on the blog =o). I've been lazily snuggling little Christian any chance I get...Jude hugs my leg every 20 min or so to make sure I know he's still around and needing attention. =o) Ann


smw said...

it definitely sounds like the most deserving soul won. it was fun. :)

Ashton said...

He already used the gift card this past Saturday evening on a Chai at the Mass Ave. Starbucks. It was a wonderful treat...especially with the extra sweet taste of victory after that heated competition.:)