Thursday, January 8, 2009

Must Haves...?

I was crusing around online for "must haves" for know, just to see if anything new has come out since the last time I had a new born...18 months ago. =o) I can tell you, the only thing that looks substantially updated are the baby monitors...but they got more expensive (well...there have always been expensive ones, but more expensive than the $20 safty 1st one I've had for 5 years...complete with a broken antena and static). I found out that there are many must have lists on-line...and a lot of it is just not needed. I didn't say not wanted...not needed. There are also a few sage mom's who give "anti-must have" lists. I found this one quite helpful...and humerous: "...Now, I’m not saying that these things are inherently useless. And there are going to be people who found one or more of these items to be absolutely essential, and that’s fine - we’ll just agree to disagree. The following list is meant for babies up to about 6 months old (i.e., not toddlers). Here goes… Diaper Receptacles - Next time you’re at a baby store like Babies R Us or whatever, have a gander at all of the glorified garbage cans they have lining the aisles and end-caps. Seriously folks, these things will set you back about $40 and are, in my opinion, a waste of money. The idea behind them is that you can put dirty diapers inside and they’ll seal in any unpleasant odors. While this is a fantastic theory, a couple of counter-arguments can be made. First, you have to open it to add a fresh diaper. And when you do, any offensive stink that’s living inside will come wafting into your face. Second - if your child is breastfed, their ‘doodoo’ simply doesn’t smell that bad. At least, nothing resembling a comparable adult offering. So do your self a favor and hang onto the grocery bags you get when you do the shopping, they work just fine - and make regular trips the trash. Shoes - This item carries a special exception. If you are going to some formal event like a wedding and you’re going to bring your baby, you may feel like they should be dressed to the nines. While I don’t necessarily agree with that notion, I can understand the perspective. Otherwise, having shoes for your infant is completely unnecessary. Why? Because they can’t walk. Their feet don’t need protection from the gravel roads of the 3rd century. It’s an expense that you certainly needn’t incur. 3 Piece Suits/Dresses - You know what my son wore for the first 6 months of his life? Onesies. If you don’t know what a onesie is, imagine a single-piece outfit that you can buy in packages of 6 for about $15. Again, if you’re off to your cousin Herschel’s bar mitzvah and you want your kid in a monkey suit, be my guest. But people who drop a jackson on a combination button-down shirt and sweatervest with matching slacks - heed my words. They might wear it one time, or you’ll get him gussied up just for a laugh so you can take pictures. So save your money and use the $20 on a case of Huggies. Oh, and since you will be getting plenty of clothes like this as shower gifts, keep an eye peeled for gift receipts when opening the shower gifts. Baby Bath Equipment - If you have a child, chances are you have some sort of dwelling with running water. Which means you probably have a kitchen sink. This is a perfectly suitable place to bathe your child. You don’t need to spend $50 on a table-top bath rig with a seat warmer and built-in stereo. Again, next time you’re at the baby store, look around for a big sponge with a baby-shaped indentation on one side. It should set you back $2.50 or so, and you can throw it out when the child decides to potty train on it. So, better yet, get 2 or 3 - but leave the UltraBath 3000 on the shelf where it belongs. 99% of Toys - Another thing you’ll get a pantload of at your baby shower is toys. Rattles, plush animals, sets of plastic rings or blocks, etc. I’ve got news for you - your kid won’t even be able to sit up by himself until he’s 6 months old, let alone solve the Rocky and Bullwinkle jigsaw puzzle his Aunt Madge got for him to play with. So, if you get them as gifts, stow them someplace out of the way or return them for the cash. And for Pete’s sake, don’t buy them. The only thing we found useful for entertaining our baby was a little floor mat with a colorful mobile-type situation sticking out of it. My son would lay there and look at it, and it would make him happy. The rest of it just took up space." Hope you enjoyed as much as I did. =o) Ann


Natalie said...

Ann, you're a sage mom, I am interested to hear your "Not Necessary" list. . .
Thanks for the laugh!

Amber said...

those are great! . . and some SO true.

I completely agree with the diaper pails (I think we used Ava's once) and with the bath sponges. After Ava was a month old or so, the sponges were all we used. They felt so much nicer for her to lay in and made for much easier and quicker cleanup!

I think we stopped using our monitor after a few months too. I didn't need my daughter's cries amplified . .. I hear them just fine without additional volume. : )

Luke & Andria said...

Natalie-Oh really, you wanna hear mine? =o) I may just have to do that. =o)


Amber, I agree on the monitor, I only use it at my mom's when the baby is far far away. At our house, no amplification is needed as you so aptly stated. =o)

Sandra said...

I agree with all that you said!! I have given both my boys and will with this one a bath in the big tub since birth!! I take a towel and I lay it in the bottom of the tub and put enough water in to get the towel soaked which is like 2 inches of water or less. This is how my mother bathed us and it works great and I didn't spend a penny!!! Enough with those silly tubs that take up so much space:) Never have used a monitor, have a diaper pail..used it for a few months with Elijah and have never pulled it out again...those plastic bags work great and even now....forget the bag...trash goes out so fast around here that it doesn't have time to stink it up:)