Sunday, January 11, 2009

It all started with the heating bill...

So our heating bill came and was astoundingly $97 more than normal...this led to me overreacting and punching the down button on our thermostat 3 degrees to 67. Well, within two hours it was pretty chilly in our house, but we pressed on. Yesterday I decided to combat the chill with my furry slippers I've had for 5 years running and as you can see in the nice picture, the bottoms are worn shinny from all the shuffling around in them. I also tried to keep moving and got a few things checked off my nesting to do list. I had emptied my desk upstairs in preparation for filling the drawers with baby onsies and setting up a changing station on top and decided I didn't want to descend the stairs twice. I would simply take the whole load (all the stuff you see on the desk there) stacked on both arms. Are you seeing the mounting disaster about to ensue? Yep, I started my descent with ease until stair 8 and then my cute, fuzzy, shinny on the bottom slick, slippers (and shifted center of gravity due to baby on board) betrayed me. I didn't land on my behind like normal, I went from standing strait up like a normal homosapien, to flat on my back in about .25 seconds. Luke was home and to his credit, he was too concerned to crack a smile or stifle chuckles...I think I would have giggled...I was laying in the middle of a huge pile of books, cards and white envelopes completely bewildered. Noah and Adrian gathered at the bottom of the stairs and became totally engrossed in a baby book that landed open to newborn pictures..."who is is it me or Noah?" and Jude was merrily stamping on all the clutter of paper products on the landing. Dr. Schafer assessed my physical health and ruled out anything life threatening...he thinks I either bruised my spleen (sounds nice doesn't it), slightly fractured rib 14 or pulled a core muscle. I must say I don't think he's exaggerating on the rib fracture because I started gathering my precious envelopes and then had to lay down due to strong nausea...that hasn't happened to me since I broke my wrist...falling off a horse...when I was pregnant with Jude. I fall a lot. But it's purely coincidental that I fall when's just that I've been in that state quite a bit in the last 6 years. I fell down wet stairs mopping at Twin View during college while pregnant with Noah and I think I wiped out good playing ultimate Frisbee with Adrian on the way. It's just kind of become a tradition of sorts. Anyway...I'm fine and the baby is kicking away. I'm really walking like a pregnant mommy now though, step step groan, hand on back...step step sigh. =o) Have a great day and watch those steps with slick slippers. Ann


Natalie said...

Nathan and I had the same thing happen to our heating bill last month, and we were even out of town that week that was -25. Not cool :) No pun intended

aklopfen said...

can totally relate to the cold house. Scott has always kept it cold in the winter and hot in the summer. I just got used to layering up.
and by the way....I fall down the stairs a lot! I fell down the stairs when Molly was 8 weeks old, she was in my arms. I just held on to her for dear life and landed on my tail bone.
I hope you feel better.