Saturday, November 29, 2008


We finally participated in Operation Christmas Child this year! I've wanted to fill a shoe box with the boys in years past, but never got it accoplished. It was a great object lesson after Thanksgiving with all the talk about our blessings and way of life here in the US. For anyone familiar with's pretty late in the game. Normal drop offs, in local areas, end the 24th of November; but, you can still send a box to the main shipping area in NC...if running a little behind like our crew. =o) Target's dollar bin for stocking stuffers was a grand find for getting our box filled fast. Long live Target...and it's uncanny ability to woo me into impulse buys I must return later. =o) Ann


aklopfen said...

That's awesome! My kids love doing that every year....except this year I forgot. I think I usually remember because we get the fliers at MOPS and they didn't do it at my MOPS this year. Did you stick a pic of your kids and address? Sometimes people do that and then they get a response back from the child you gave it too.

Luke & Andria said...

I didn't this year, but the SP website says you can do that too. =o)