Sunday, November 2, 2008

One little, two little, three little indians...

Jude looks pretty fierce with that bottle doesn't he? =o) We always hit a fall costume party around Halloween (top pictures are some of the other sweeties present)...but we've yet to go door to door for treats. Do you think it lame that we gave away some of their candy from the party to trick-or-treaters too...gasp?! =o) Adrian actually ran and got his personal stash to share with the costume clad kids...awwww. Halloween does have a moral beyond costume fun after all. I hope our neighbor takes down the gory headless dummies strewn around their yard now, time for twinkle lights and a nativity scene I'm thinking...Christmas is my fav. =o)


L & J Gutwein said...

Very adorable. This makes me want to dress Luca as an Indian next year. Thanks for the chat today!

Love, J

Phoenix Wing said...

Second that bit about Christmas (and gory/creepy decorations getting replaced). What darling costumes!


Luke & Andria said...

Hey Monica =o)

I love seeing comments from you and wanted to make sure you knew...if you ever see this comment that is. =o)

Jen-Luca would be a darling little indian. =o) Cheapest costume in the world need a brown paper bag, three sheets of construction paper and some water color paint. =o) We made weapons out of sticks from the great outdoors...of course optional. hee hee