Wednesday, September 17, 2008

USS New York

Did you all hear about this ship already? I just got an e-mail about it today and thought I would post a picture. It's made from scrap steel from the trade centers and it's a high tech battle ship for combating terrorism. My grandma Mathew is originally from New York (Long Island) and she worked at Grumman's factory (the manufacturer of the USS NY as well, though I'm sure a different division) making fighter jets during the war...a little bit of fun history. We need to get her singing the Grumman's theme song on great. She'll also tell you, with a twinkle her her eyes, how wild and crazy it was to wear "slacks" to work. =o) A link to more info. It's good to remember that the phrase "God bless America" comes with the responsibility of "America bless/fear God" as well. This boat will only do what God allows no matter how big and bad it is. =o) Ann