Sunday, March 30, 2008

Well...we put in a bid

We went house hunting Saturday with Lyn and really liked 3-4 of the houses we looked at. We REALLY liked one way east on 86th street, enough to put in an offer that evening because there are already two other offers on the table. So basically, we have no idea what will happen with this house, an offer could have been accepted Friday or Sat and we just didn't know because it's a fore closer home. We'll probably hear back Mon or Tue. If we do get the house, we have the possibility of frozen water pipe damage from this winter. Pretty much, the water people come out and you have to be there when they crank the water line open. Then you all stand there and wait for the sound of spraying water...sounds fun hu? =o) We're out of our contract if that happens though...I'll be so sad if there are issues. I guess this isn't that interesting of a post since we don't really know what's going on, I'll post what happens when we know more. I'll add a few pictures, but I'm embarrassed by how terrible the shots are. =o) They don't really capture the house very well (I did capture how the people that left took the shower tiles with them though...and the fire place mantle...and the handles and knobs on ALL the cabinets, kitchen and bath-they left the football fan in the children's room though, oh goody =o) That nice water leak picture is just for affect of course. =o)


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