Monday, February 18, 2008

THE best...

We went to Louisville KY on Friday to a farm show Scott&Gigi and Rich&Sammy would be at for Head Sight. It was a fun day and you can just imagine how much the boys loved all the huge tractors etc. A few one liners from Adrian.

When we entered the hotel room: "this is nice...I don't want to sleep now...are we living here?"

After he stole Luke's coffee, I asked him if he liked coffee and he says: "Hmmmmm....THE best." =o)

When we met everyone for supper Friday night, we walked in and everyone else was already there, so Adrian says: "Happy Birthday guys!" Must have looked like party material to him. =o)

Top of the day to you all



Bry&Ash said...

Hehe. I love that kid.

Annette Bahler said...

We need more birthday parties. O.K. I'm Italian, what can I say.

L & J Gutwein said...

Adrian is hilarious. Looking forward to hearing the boy's humor soon. My Luke is excited to have you guys down! -J