Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Worth posting

I don't like to sensationalize things but I thought the following story would be encouraging to other moms...and to just anyone I guess. Tonight I laid down with the boys in bed and we had our little story time (I tell stories about their day through the characters, Fred and Suzie the fly) and then we said our prayers. I'm usually ready to split and get things done as soon as I can and tell the boys no more anythings...no more drinks, no more hugs, no you don't need to floss (really)....you know the drill. But, I was comfy all snuggled up by Adrian and Luke had to work late tonight...so I just kind of hung out a little longer. I asked the boys if they had anything they wanted to tell me...anything good or bad. Noah said that he has been having scary dreams so I told him to tell me about it. He said that he was in a house with music and then he went outside with some other people (people he didn't know I guess) and they turned a way and he turned the right way (meaning they went left and he right I think). Then he was lost and he saw a dead snake and it scared him. I asked why the snake was dead and he said that it was green with red and yellow stripes and that he fed it poisonous tree bark so it would die...I know, strange. He says that snakes don't really like bark, but he made him eat it. So I said, Noah is this a story or a dream, to which he replies "it's is a story about the dream I had last night". Well or course, excuse me for doubting. Anyway, I felt bad for the little guy and told him that if he has a bad dream that it's ok because it's just our minds thinking at night and that Jesus loves him and is always there. Night terrors kind of freak me out and I didn't want little Noah to have to deal with that. Well, he got all excited and said that he already knew that because when he was lost in the woods and scared, Jesus picked him up with his hands and took him to heaven and then put him back into the house. I was pretty sceptical at this point but enjoying the story and symbolism none the less. So I asked what Jesus hands looked like and he said "like birds". Ok...so I asked what kind of music there was in heaven and he said in the cutest voice I've ever heard...my family knows it, it's higher and kind of cracks at points "Oh all kinds, like singing... and guitars... and violins and all kinds. It's such a nice music like miracles." Hmmmmm so you went to heaven with Jesus and then he put you back into the house with music. "Ya, Jesus picked up my head and put me back in the house, he told me not to be scared anymore." Well, I don't know what they've been teaching in Sunday school...but he's not getting that stuff from me. And if he's making it all up...he may need an outlet like writing or something some day. So anyway, I enjoyed the little chat for what it was and thought that others might enjoy it too. I think I'll ask if they have anything they want to chat with me about more often too...it proved to be pretty enjoyable family time. Chronicles of Narnia and Lord of the Rings here we come as soon as he can read.

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