Wednesday, November 7, 2007

A Walk to Remember

So, if anyone has seen the Fall J Crew magazine, you'll instantly see the similarity between Luca and the old Scottish guys they used in the photo don't see it? So maybe he looks more like an African American eskimo...but the cutest one I've ever seen anyway. And, yes I have seen one...many in fact. The picture of me and Luca baby may be the first of myself I've ever posted; mainly because I'm usually holding the camera..and what a doozie it is. Why the long face? Well, I'm shocked at the wheel falling off the wagon of course (not really, but it was very shocking). The boys just couldn't stop talking about it and my mom kept putting it back on. I mentioned that her persistence was beneficial in getting all her projects done she always has going, but very useless in the present situation of putting a broken wheel back on that comes off every few rotations. When she finally gave up, Adrian was overjoyed that he could be the proud caretaker of the circle of rubber and used it as a steering wheel to "drive" the clattering wagon. All and all, a nice outing and a breath of fresh, if not freezing air.


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