Saturday, November 3, 2007

Tale of a Tie

So Luke got a white tie after we got married...then we had three kids-boys no less. So it is truly a miracle the the white tie has remained for these past five years of marital and family bliss. That's at least how I'm consoling myself at this point, because the white tie is no more. It all started when I spied a spot on the tie in question; so naturally, I let it soak in Oxyclean with the batch of children's clothes fully intending to hand wash it later. Weeeell, Ann forgot the hand washing part...forgot the tie altogether actually. It got agitated with the best of them in the washer, which I instinctively knew would not work so well...I was right. Throwing the load in the dryer I see a crumpled mess of what used to be a silk tie. Luke had the joy of seeing it too since he was home, he counted it a complete loss which motivated me all the more to fix it. I gingerly laid it out on the counter and tried to smooth out the wrinkles and realign the liner. "Not bad" I think to myself and pick it up to view the front again. "Agggg!" I had laid it in cocoa powder unseen to me on the counter from last nights hot cocoa fix! How could it be!? So I wash it out best I can in the sink with Luke shaking his had in the background over a bowl of cereal. "OK, regroup, just let it dry and iron it later, but take a break for now before doing anymore damage" I conclude. So yesterday I had the iron out in the living room (spare you the details, but Alesa and I had to iron out some napkins and didn't need the ironing board) so I laid the tie on the floor and started ironing. Things were going just grand until the iron started really heating up..."what's that odd smell...?" I melted our carpet...and got the whatever kind of plastic fiber it is all over the tie not to mention the iron. So the tie is just not coming back and Luke will have to do interviews with some other color...because buying a new white one would just bring back too many painful memories! Ann


Minders said...

Oh Ann, you just crack me up! I love your stories and am thankful you are so open and honest about your mishaps. :)

Minders said...

Oh, and give Luke my sympathy over the loss of his tie. :)