Thursday, November 1, 2007

Indy Church's fall party

This was such a fun party for the kids. They had different stations with games and a Bible verse for the kids to recite. We left before the candy bonanza at the end but the boys still toted home generously filled bags of candy. Hopefully it'll last for church bag fillers until next October. =o) The boys got apples without bobbing too hard core (no pun intended) because they snagged them by the stems. Adrian's eyeball is missing on his pumpkin because he ate it this morning before breakfast. Noah of course tattled before he could eat too much more than that. =o) While we're on the subject of food, the boys fed Jude some Cheerios today. He didn't really eat any, but I know there was an attempt because I found a pile next to his bouncer and several soggy ones on his shirt. He's going to have an interesting life with two big brothers. =o)

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