Monday, November 5, 2007

Heart Melt

I was laying in bed next to Adrian tonight and he says in a sweet little voice, "mom you're beautiful...God made us." Now, granted, he was trying to get me to tell him a story about Fred the fly and his sister Suzie-talk about working it. He did get his story by the way (a real good one about how Fred ripped the wheels off his favorite truck because he grabbed it from Suzie instead of sharing like a nice fly). I, myself, got a look at how a child sees the world. I was beautiful to him because I was taking time to just be with him and snuggle the little guy. I think God would like us to see each other that way know...a warm special beauty in serving Christ. Anyway, as long as I'm beautiful to my two year old and in the eyes of my creator, I'm happy (as long as I don't look at glam magazines). =o)


Julie said...

Adrian knows what he's talking about, Ann. You ARE beautiful. So, take comfort in knowing that you CAN look at glam magazines and still feel good about yourself. Because you know what?... Those mags are all fake and digitally edited anyway! =)

Luke & Andria said...

Thanks Julie. =o)