Sunday, November 4, 2007


The setting: Luke and I wrestling with two little duffers in our little apartment living room on the second floor. The problem: I vaguely remember yelling help every now and again when Luke started tickling me. This prompted Noah and Adrian to come to my aid via jumping on Luke's back and temporarily keeping him occupied until I could roll away. I'm sure it caused quite a ruckus from another apartment dwellers perspective and ear shot. Bodies flying around, laughing...or crying who can tell, and then that yelling for help bit. So someone in our apartment complex got so freaked out they called the cops! I had Jude on the couch and the boys were eating lunch once things settled down a bit and then there was a knock at the door. The boys were so excited to see Mr. police man and I'm assuming their animated account of "pushing off daddy" set his mind to ease. Luke's a pretty clean cut looking guy too I guess. =o) Seeing as this is the third time we've had cops visit one way or another (two 911 calls by Noah over the past 4 years) we may hold a record of some kind for keeping the cops busy with pointless trips. The dear man wished us a happy Saturday and told the boys to have fun with daddy. A salute to the guys in blue. =o) Ann


Minders said...

Thank you for my daily does of laughter from the Schafer family! That is too funny! Do you ever have an uneventful day?!

Alesa said...

An...that is so funny!! Love you tons.

livelaughlove22 said...

That is too funny!! Thankfully we live in the country or else we might be visited by the cops on a regular basis!! Ah, the joys of children and family fun!

Love ya,

Luke & Andria said...

Hmmm...we may need to move to the country before Jude gets much bigger. I have a feeling things aren't going to get any quiter around here. =o)