Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Tree Shredder...

It's only 9:24 am and I think I need to write a therapy post already. Grandpas funeral was yesterday and it was really good to see family again on my mom's side. The whole thing is mind bending though...not only because a funeral makes you think about death but because it was a Catholic funeral with a lot of traditions I've never experienced. Not that I need to figure everything out but I have the tenancy to try to. It's a good exercise to rethink your beliefs and whether they are firmly based in scripture at different check points in life. Yesterday was one of those check points for me I guess. I stayed with the boys at my mom and dad's last night so we could be with Jen and Luca today before heading home. Adrian was crying for daddy last night and didn't understand why he went home without us. Another thing to consider every now and then is how much the relationship between you and your spouse affects your kids. It was really sobering to think about how much a long term separation would tear little Adrian's heart in two. Talk about motivating...sign me up for a Weekend to Remember conference so we can keep this thing strong. =o) One more not so heavy emotion is from this huge tree shredder outside mom and dad's window...I'm not a tree hugger or anything and maybe it's because I'm sad about grandpa but the loud noise and the little trees getting all ground up is just sad. It's a bummer another house is going up by their's too, because the empty lot of trees was so pretty. Ann

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