Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I love comments!

Since people have been leaving comments, I put a little counter on the blog to see who's checking-or at least how many (though I think it counts when I log in which will make the data less than accurate). I kind of thought it was just my family looking in on the Schafer family...what fun to see other names pop up. =o) Also, writing about my day yesterday proved to be so therapeutic that I think I'll make a habit of it when needed. =o) Seems like yesterday's craziness just ran into this morning. I got up to Adrian's sub-zero feet cozied up to my tummy too early this morning, "Good morning Adrian, feet off". Anyone who knows the kid knows he talks loud and the morning hours are no exception. "It's a great day mom! I want some covers, I want a vitamin, are you getting up?" Noah joins us at this point wearing Adrian's PJ shorts...which means they are SO small it looks like a 60s basketball game. This means he's peed the bed and has put his clothes and blanket in the washer...on top of the clean clothes of course. If you've encountered Noah, you know he has a reason for everything and starts talking about how he "accidentally" swallowed water in the bath tub last night and his room was cold and well "I just might have type one diabetes and can't help it"...ok, so he didn't mention the diabetes part, but sometimes he talks about his liver. Good grief-oh but what joy is this? Jude is still sleeping (since his teeth hurt, he got up twice last night more for snuggling than eating but he's content now as a result) I could maybe get on the elliptical. After the boys have cereal and have eaten their Target vitamins, I set the timer for 20 minutes of computer time and they choose Sesame St. The shrill little muppet voices still ring in my head. I should have set the timer for the black beans I was cooking last night...I just didn't think they were quite done and kept letting them simmer on low...all night long. I was crawling into bed after feeding Jude at around 12 and smelled something..."did Jude poop his word! The beans!" Who has to go rescue a pot of black beans in the middle of the night, I ask you? I managed to cover the black, oh so burnt black, beans with a towel to make the smell less obvious and so Luke wouldn't see it in the morning and tell all is colleagues. It still sits on the stove now, a memorial to trying to cook your own beans for enchiladas. So I got on the elliptical and didn't get one ellipse complete before nearly breaking the equipment, my ACL or maybe both. There behind the foot peddle lay a very sturdy John Deere it's shed I presume. While I was having my exercise me time, the boys had a great time as well, sliding hard boiled eggs all over the table and once the white part was eaten, bouncing the little yellow yolk balls around. How clever,the little darlings. Got out of the shower and Adrian was in our walk-in closet (were Jude sleeps) loudly proclaiming he hadn't woke Jude up. Noah was locked out on the the porch. If I get sad today, I need only think of Luke stepping on toys on his way to bed last night and while picking up an armload full spearing himself with a fighter jet airplane wing and perpeller. I was trying not to laugh because Jude was nursing and it would wake him up, but I couldn't help it and little Jude was shaking as hard as I was from stifled giggles...maybe that's why he got up last night...I need to break up a potty talk argument and Adrian just handed me a prune. Ann


Minders said...

LOL! I don't even know what to say! But oh my your boys crack me up! I was wanting another boy, but thinking about all that your oldest two boys get into, I'm beginning to want a girl! ;) j/k! I'll be happy with either one!

Luke & Andria said...

You'll be happy with either...once they come it's impossible to imagine anything else. =o)


Nathan and Natalie said...

Just a few quick notes Ann. One-I don't think all of us are cut out to be mothers of boys! Two-you do such a great job of not stressing out, I think I would lose it if my days were like yours! And Three-I think I'll pray for you (and other young moms of toddlers) more often. . .
Natalie :)
Lo children are a heritage from the Lord and the fruit of the womb is his reward for our sins. Oh wait that's not how it goes. . .:P

Luke & Andria said...


tee hee...thanks for the note and I'm up for you keeping me in your prayers. If you could just picture a vocano erupting and pray that I don't resemble it, that would be perfect.


Anonymous said...

Too funny Natalie (and great post Ann).

-Michael A.