Friday, August 24, 2007

Let the fun begin!

I've been working on a website for my photography stuff...and it's up and running. I havn't advertised the site address yet...wich means if anyone that checks it out has comments good or bad please leave them here on this post. I'm serious, I've stared at it so long I'm not sure if I'm looking at it from a fresh and critical viewpoint anymore. If I can make it better before Sept. when I hand out the address to clients I would like to.

The address:

I'm having a lot of fun checking out everyone's blogs.



J. said...

Hi Ann,
I think your photog website is so fun and cheery:) And I LOVE your work! You have such an awesome talent. Thanks for sharing it with us! ~ Julie Beebe

Minders said...

Wow Ann! You do a great job! I'm very impressed!