Thursday, August 2, 2007

Date night

Luke and I have been doing different things for date night to keep our spending down. We watched the first part of Gone with the wind (three more to go) last night. I, of course, liked all the girlie parts of the film and there's enough civil war stuff for the guys to appreciate it too. It's also cool because we have the next part to look forward to as well. I'm not a huge supporter of watching just any movie but getting a classic film (so tame they don't even have ratings) and popping some popcorn was a fun, cheap, and spread the word kind of fun. I would love to hear other people's ideas on fun ways to save. Leave a comment if you like. Ann


Amber said...

Hey - it's Amber Prevo . . . and stumbled across your blog. It's been fun seeing how you and your little clan are doing (and growing)!

I was just going to say that one of Ryan and I's favorite "Free" nights out is just about always Borders. We can go relax, read, talk about random stuff we find . . .just a fun way to unwind together. And now and then I'll have to go "splurge" for a hot chocolate. : )

Luke & Andria said...

That's a really good idea...Luke would probably study but that would still be really fun to do together. =o) I would do the same with the hot Chocolate too. =o)

Minders said...

A few things that we do for date nights to keep costs down are...

We go out to eat, but chose somewhere pretty inexensive like Fazolis or Qdoba. That way I don't have to cook, but we can eat for $10-$15 total.

We also do Barnes and Noble like Amber.

If you have a credit card that gives you cash back like Discover, you can choose your cash back for restaurants and get a $25 g.c. to somewhere like Olive Garden and thus eat for "free"!

I also think it's nice to find something active you enjoy doing together. We like to play frisbee golf, so once you've bought a disc or two you can go to any local park and play whenever you want for free!